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Best USB Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Riding bicycle at night can be dangerous or deadly if you are not seen, so it’s absolutely essential to have at least a rear bike light if not complete gear for riding in the dark. After doing some searches online, I’ve finally come across Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light, a USB rechargeable rear bike light and possibly the best rear LED bike light for its interesting and useful features.

Best Rear LED Bike Light – Features

  1. Brightness: This wide-beamed red light contains up to 50 micro-LED chips capable of emitting 168 Lumens (units of total quantity of visible light), and is 180 degree visible.
  2. Water Resistance: It get IPX-4 rating, so we don’t have to worry about riding in wet condition including rain or splashing water.
  3. USB Rechargeable Battery: Please note that it’s recommended to fully charge the light before its first use to ensure better battery life. It generally takes from 90 to 120 minutes to fully charge the battery. Just plug it in any USB port and it’s done. With smart charging, once fully charged, the battery will automatically stop charging, so that the battery will last longer than normal batteries.
  4. 6 lighting modes: We can choose between 3 solid modes and 3 flashing modes including
    • Solid low (about 6 hours runtime)
    • Solid medium (about 2 hours runtime)
    • Solid high (about 1 hour and 30 minutes runtime)
    • 50% flashing (about 5 hours runtime)
    • 100% flashing (about 3 hours runtime) and
    • Strobe (about 2 hours and 30 minutes runtime)
  5. Light Weight: The total weight is only 32 grams with internal battery.
  6. Simple to Use: We don’t need any other tools because the light comes along with everything needed. A mount with a rubber strap will mostly fit to any size or shape of bike seat post, frame, fork or even our helmet. Thus, it means that we can use the light on more than one bike. It takes only seconds to attach or detach the light to or from our bike, so don’t forget to take it with you if someone could take it away. Furthermore, the light can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Personally, Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light is the best road bike tail light for now, I think. You can check below video on how to install Cyborg 168T tail light on your bicycle and how to use it.